SEPG from an Exhibitor’s Perspective

It’s not so easy being an exhibitor during these economic times.

But a down economy has also its advantages. Effectiveness suddenly becomes an issue. With Savannah being our fifth SEPG, we really see a shift in the CMMI community. The CMMI model itself didn’t change so much in these years. OK, we saw new constellations, but the basic structure remained the same.

What really has changed from our perspective is the way how people like to implement CMMI. More and more people are hunting for new approaches that make it easier to define and perform processes or speed up SCAMPI preparations.  Especially organizations having to comply to multiple models (CMMI, ISO, SPICE, SixSigma, LEAN, yadda yadda yadda…) this becomes crucial. We definitely see much more demand at our booth for these kind of solutions  than a few years ago.

To add one more datapoint, Sam Fogle, CMMI Lead Appraiser and a dear friend, just told me at dinner tonight, that during his talk the room was just packed. His topic? CMMI PIIDs and how to save time in filling them out.

To put it all into a nutshell, we definitely see that cost and time effectiveness of CMMI process improvement made it into the organization’s top priorities. It’s not about the CMMI level anymore. Finally, organizations seem to understand CMMI. And this is really good news.

Erich Meier
Method Park CTO & “Stages” Chief Architect


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