Speed Dating at the Booths

by Bill Smith
CEO, Leading Edge Process Consultants

How can you possibly visit all of the booths on the SEPG exhibit floor, when there are sessions to attend, colleagues to chat with, and ghosts to chase?

Speed dating! Or at least, something like it.

Here’s what I decided to  do:

  1. Visit a booth.
  2. Briefly introduce myself.
  3. Listen to whatever they had to say for two minutes.
  4. Thank them.
  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 as needed.

(Can you tell I used to be a programmer?)

So it was totally like speed dating. I was trying to quickly find “matches” for me… without those nasty little expenses like dinner, movie tickets, and lawyers. (Yes, lawyers. After all, I am married, so I suspect that if any of these booth encounters became real dates, there could ultimately be legal expenses. But enough already about Tiger Woods…)

Of course, there were complexities. What if I already knew the person at the booth? What if they simply had no two-minute  “elevator speech”? (Then, I would argue, what the heck are they doing staffing a booth?) What if this became, well, awkward?

I say that’s all part of the fun!

I started in the rear of the hall because it would have been way too obvious to begin in the front. Immediately I was saying “Hello” to David and Jeanie Kitson of KAMO Consultancy.  So, right off the bat I’m confronted with two people who know me and wonder what the heck am I doing.

Especially when they see the cameras.

Oh, I forgot to mention that part. When I told my buddy Dana with the SEI what I was going to do, she immediately asked if I’d mind if she and Daniel (an SEI video guru) could tag along and film. Afterwards, Daniel would edit it down to a reasonable length. Fine with me, I said.

Anyway, about David and Jeanie and all the other folks I spoke with… sure, I could keep writing. But I think I’ll let the video do the talking instead! (I’ll post a link to it here once it’s been edited and uploaded.)


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