The Up Side to a Down Economy

It’s been my experience this year at SEPG that the level of discourse on the subject of performance improvement is far higher than in prior years.  That, among other things, is why so many of the people who are here this year are truly dedicated to improvement and are coming to get help on serious challenges.  In other words, the down economy has shrunken the size of the conference and what’s left is a greater concentration of people more dedicated to performance improvement and dealing with tough issues, and are not looking for simplistic answers.  More simply: A better conference!

One might argue that my perspective is biased by the people I hang out with, so how can I really tell?

By listening to the questions others are asking.

People are generally asking really good questions and there’s much less (in fact, none that I’ve heard) of the whining (yes, I said ‘whining’) that often accompanies many questions in these conferences.  Fewer (if any) people are expecting “silver-bullet” answers as in many prior events.  This year’s conference attracted people who are ready to hear successes, discuss lessons, and get down to the hard work of improvement.

I’m also on this year’s conference program committee.  All I can say (not because it’s secret, but because planning won’t start for at least a month) is that what we have in mind for 2011 will shape the SEPG-NA conference to be even that much more relevant, timely, valuable and give people even more immediately usable, tangible take-aways. Anyone coming to Portland next year will never be the same.

–>>  Hillel

Hillel Glazer, Principal & CEO
Entinex, Inc.


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