The #7 Reason to Attend SEPG Europe 2010: A Beautiful, Historic Host City

In addition to offering engaging keynotes, technical sessions, and seminars, holding SEPG Europe 2010 in Porto, Portugal provides a beautiful backdrop for networking and socializing.

Anyone whose registration includes Wednesday, June 30 can get a unique, authentic taste of Porto, the “City of Bridges” and home of Port wine.

First, join fellow attendees for a Six Bridge River Cruise that offers unbeatable views of the city. Come aboard a wooden boat that is a replica of the flat-bottomed boats that used to transport Port in earlier times. The 50-minute tour gives an up-close view of the six bridges that connect Porto with Vila Nova de Gaia, where the Port warehouses are located.  (Hint: grab a seat outside to get the best views.)

After the cruise concludes in Vila Nova de Gaia, step onto dry land and accompany fellow attendees on a visit to one of the oldest wine cellars in Porto. Taylor’s Wine Cellars is more than 300 years old and is still owned by the family of the original partners. Learn more about the rich history of the region with a guided wine cellar tour that explains the fascinating history of Port wine.

Finally, enjoy dinner and drinks on Taylor’s Wine Cellar grounds as a perfect – and delicious – end to an action-packed day.  The evening concludes with transportation to Porto City Centre.

Participation in any or all of the evening’s events is included for those who are registered for Wednesday.

Getting Around
Also, as part of your SEPG Europe registration, you will receive one three-day Metro pass in your registration bag to be picked up at the conference. Be sure to check out the SEPG Europe program (also to be picked up at the conference) for fun ideas on how to make the most of your time in Porto.

Have you already made a list of can’t-miss sights in Porto? Feel free to comment on this post to share your recommendations with others.

Early Bird Savings Still Available

There is just a little more than two weeks left to take advantage of early bird savings for SEPG Europe 2010. If you don’t want to miss out on enjoying an exciting technical program in a beautiful host city and you’re looking to save $100, register today.


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