The #1 Reason to Attend SEPG Europe 2010: More Direct Interaction with Experts

SEPG Europe 2010 is the premier conference in Europe where you directly interact with the Software Engineering Institute as well as more experts in the software process community than anywhere else. SEPG Europe offers four days of rich learning and networking opportunities for both newcomers and returning delegates, all in the magnificent setting of Porto, Portugal. SEPG Europe offers a more intimate environment than other conferences, helping to facilitate high-quality engagements with the SEI and software process experts.

Your most enriching interactions may occur in the session rooms, or aboard a wooden boat … in the auditorium or as you’re sipping a glass of Port wine, the namesake drink of our host city. Regardless of where you connect with software process experts from around the globe, SEPG Europe 2010 promises to provide valuable and practical insights, ideas for solutions to implement once you return home, an expanded professional network – and maybe even a camera full of photos.

However, the interaction doesn’t stop once SEPG Europe 2010 has concluded. There are plenty of ways for you to stay connected with the software process community online. Besides reading this blog, be sure to join the SEPG Conferences LinkedIn group and follow us on Twitter. These official SEPG Conferences social media tools allow everyone to stay connected throughout the year. In fact, be sure to keep an eye on our blog for upcoming SEPG Asia-Pacific announcements.

We hope to see you at SEPG Europe 2010!


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