SEPG Europe 2010 Prep: SEI meets FEUP

The SEPG Europe 2010 core team traveled from Pittsburgh, Pa. to Porto, Portugal late last week. In addition to taking in the city’s beautiful sights, we’ve spent a lot of our time at the campus of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto – or FEUP – preparing for the opening of SEPG Europe 2010.  We’ve been hard at work setting up the registration desk, assembling welcome bags, preparing the session rooms, and ensuring that everything is ready for the more than 200 delegates.

As the public relations representative for the Software Engineering Institute and the SEPG Conference Series, part of my job here is handing social media, writing daily delegate communication, and coordinating media interviews. So, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ana Martins who handles PR for FEUP. After corresponding via email for the past month, it was wonderful to meet her and put a face to a name.

We spent some time discussing media outreach during SEPG Europe as well as our roles within our respective organizations. Despite the fact that we work in different countries, we found we had a lot of similarities in our jobs beyond just working for academic organizations. We talked a good bit about the role of social media and its growing relevance.  Ana is a former journalist who moved to the public relations side, so she brought an interesting perspective. We both agreed that the media landscape continues to evolve around the world, and we are both finding that that brings both challenges and new opportunities.

Ana also shared with me some FEUP fun facts with me.  Did you know that:

  • With 90,000 square meters of campus and 8,000 students, teachers, and technicians, FEUP is the biggest faculty of the biggest university in Portugal
  • FEUP graduated the first female engineer in Portugal
  • FEUP was a winner of the worldwide championship in robotics
  • FEUP has partnerships with many internationally recognized organizations such as Microsoft, IBM, CERN and ESA
  • FEUP hosted the Worldwide Championship of Autonomous Robotics Sailing competition. They also compete every year and came in second last year. GO FEUP!
  • Among its many world patents, FEUP has patented a way to remove the alcohol from beer to produce a non-alcoholic beer with an improved taste.

Those are just a few of the notable facts and accomplishments of our host location.

We’d love for you to add to the conversation about social media.  What is your preferred way to communicate professionally? Personally? Leave a comment on this post, we would love to hear from you!

Brittney Osikowicz

SEI/SEPG Public Relations


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