The 360 degree project manager

One of the challenges of these conferences is the number of decisions and choices you have to make. Some of the speakers are very good and some are incredibly boring, some are aimed at process improvement specialists, some at project managers, some at engineers; some talks are very basic and elementary, others are very advanced and technical – and then, of course, there is the option of going to visit the beautiful town of Porto at your employer’s expense…

I was very pleased to have decided to go listen to Nico Marien and Patrick Steyaert of TeamProsource. The talk discussed some of the aspects that need to be considered at the start of a project and worked through during the project lifecycle. Yes, every project is different – and that is precisely the point they are making. The talk was useful to project managers as well as process improvement specialists who are seeking to assist, control or manage. The examples that were used were varied and realistic. The approach they recommend is to weigh out the business (un)certainty and the user involvement, then managing this through a separation of discovery (understanding what I should be delivering) and delivery (building and shipping that to which I committed).

A good talk, mixing theoretical and practical aspects…

Peter Leeson (Q:PIT Ltd)


2 responses to “The 360 degree project manager

  1. At TeamProsource we make a difference between project management and idea management. Most project management methods such as the PMBOK are very well applicable for delivering projects according to the triple constraint (time, cost, scope/quality). Plan-driven project management is less applicable when the organisation still need to understand the value of an idea. For idea management we apply at TeamProsource a discovery method build on agile, explorative principles.

  2. We have set up a discussion group for those who want to continue the discussion after the conference. See:

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