SEI Offers a Pre-Portland Welcome to SEPG North America 2011

Almost 50 and just now posting my first blog – who says people can’t change? I’m thrilled to be able to share some commentary, describe some of the events that will be happening at SEPG North America 2011, and share a video that we produced when we were making a pre-conference visit to Portland back in 2010. After more than 25,000 email exchanges, 5,000 cups of coffee, and 1,000 face-to-face meetings, we are now 55 days from the start of SEPG North America 2011!

We are putting the finishing touches on the four-day conference and you’ll start to see more information on our website shortly that will help you plan how to maximize your time in Portland. Make sure to check out information regarding four special course offerings from our Professional Development Center that will be hosted in Portland either before or after SEPG North America 2011 (CMMI-DEV Level 2 for Practitioners, Development Supplement for CMMI for Services, and an Introduction to the CMMI Accelerated Improvement Method (AIM)).

I look forward to sharing more commentary with you in the weeks ahead and having as many of you as possible look for me (in the green polo) and let me know how well we are doing and what we can continue to do to make the SEPG Conference Series the premier conference choice for your networking and professional development needs.

Bob Rosenstein
Manager of Events, Conferences, and Trade Shows at the SEI


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