SEPG North America 2011: Winning at Casino Night

I have wanted to write this next line since we decided to hold Casino Night as part of SEPG North America 2011…“So, did you get lucky last night?”

Seriously, thanks to all of you who attended last night’s Gala Reception. Not only was the food fun to eat, the beverages flowing, the conversations fascinating, but your generosity was in full force. Our partners at the TechStart Education Foundation of Portland reported that your purchase of additional scrip resulted in more than $610 being raised to assist students use technology in a hands-on environment in their schools. On their behalf, I thank you for your contributions. If you weren’t in the room at the conclusion of the event, watch this video to see the announcement of the top three winners.

I have enjoyed walking throughout the Oregon Convention Center these past two days and have appreciated all the feedback I have received from you.  On page 9 of your Program and Directory, take a moment to review the listing of the best and hardest-working SEI employees who dedicate a tremendous amount of time and energy to bring you this annual conference.

It is my hope that each of you MAXimizes your last full evening of SEPG North America 2011 by taking the complimentary light rail system to explore the many dining options throughout Portland’s neighborhoods.

Bob Rosenstein
Manager of Events, Conferences, and Trade Shows

Software Engineering Institute


One response to “SEPG North America 2011: Winning at Casino Night

  1. Agreed – the food and wine was great – unfortunately I wasn’t one of those who “got lucky” 🙂

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