SEPG North America 2011 Conference Closing Remarks from Bob Rosenstein

“In the wee small hours of the morning, while all of you are fast asleep, you lie awake and think about this week, and never even think of counting sheep.”

With apologies to the songwriters Bob Hilliard and David Mann, these lyrics sum up my thoughts as we conclude SEPG North America 2011.

It has been my distinct privilege to lead the group of dedicated SEI staff who brought you the 23rd annual SEPG North America conference.  Whether at the podium, standing at the SEI exhibit booth, scurrying behind the scenes, or supporting from back in our offices in Pittsburgh, each and every person involved in this year’s conference has been united in our goal to bring you the best possible event.

As I have said to many of you throughout the week, I cannot emphasize how important your feedback through the surveys will be as we move forward with plans for SEPG North America 2012. While every comment, concern, or suggestion cannot be simultaneously resolved, we take your responses to heart and will do our best to improve next year’s event so that you are “Reaching New Levels of Excellence.”

I wish each of you safe journeys, continued success, and high hopes that we will see each other again in March 2012 in Albuquerque, NM.

Many Thanks!

Bob Rosenstein
Manager, Conferences, Events, and Trade Shows
Software Engineering Institute


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