The Benefits of Using Twitter at Conferences

Over the past several years, the SEPG Conferences Series has maintained a presence on a variety of social media channels. With one visit to our website, you can see that we use a variety of platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr to enhance the conference experience–not just for delegates in attendance, but for others following along from home. With a few mouse clicks, you can see our conferences in photos, video, or Twitter stream.

The conference staff especially enjoys connecting with our Twitter followers. From meeting a follower at a conference for the first time in-person, to keeping in touch between events, to sharing real-time key learnings from the technical sessions with those at home, Twitter is a great tool for sharing knowledge and creating ongoing relationships with our delegates. The learning and networking continues long after the conference concludes.

It’s become apparent that social media is not a trend or a fad; it’s here to stay. If you are just new to Twitter or are wondering how Twitter can be useful at conferences, check out this blog post by Douglas Woods.

Why Use Twitter at Conferences – Ecademy.

He shares some of his thoughts on the benefits of Twitter at conferences. Woods makes some great points about the value Twitter can bring. In fact, he states that conferences are perhaps one of the best ways to use Twitter–and we agree.

What are your thoughts on using Twitter at a conference? Do you have a different opinion as an attendee versus a speaker? Are you going to give it a try at your next event?

We will be actively tweeting at our next conference, SEPG Europe 2012, to share news, highlights, and technical session insights. Join us in Madrid on June 5-7 or follow along using the hash tag #SEPGEU.


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