Spain: A Traveler’s Odyssey to Discovery

The following guest blog post was submitted by Suyash Kumar Chopra, SEPG Europe 2012 delegate.

Hola. It is the first word of Spanish language which I learnt after my abstract was accepted. It will also be the first time I travel to any European country. And that too, to Espana, makes it all the more exciting.

Land of Tapas and Flamenco pauses life for seconds.  Land of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona trigger the adrenaline rush. Land where Pamplona and La Tomatina form part of life. Imagine paella and chocolate con churros gliding past your taste buds.

For me, the most significant fact which I like about Spain instantly is that after Italy, it has the world’s second most number of UNESCO heritage sites. A country with a rich history and culture.  And more than that, a country richer in preserving its history. Ride a time machine and go back to the 12th century University of Salamanca. Dominated by Iberia peninsula, this country embraces people from every religion and they live in harmony. Be it Jewish, muslims, or Christians. Else, where in the world would you find a cathedral built on top of a Moorish mosque. Visit Toledo to experience that. Be it Gaudi architecture of Barcelona or the aqueduct of Segovia or Alhambra of Granada, you have everything packaged under Spain. It is a land where history and modernism play twins. Being a modern city, it is said that Madrid never sleeps. So, revel

Sit on the Mediterranean coast and get lost in Don Quixote. Dare to cross Strait of Gibraltar and roam around Andalusia region. Gulp down the famous Sherry or Cava or Red wine of Spain, and experience ethereal vibes. Amidst all this, one should never miss Picasso’s ‘Guernica’ at Reina Sofia museum or Prado museum, world’s biggest art gallery in the world, both located in Madrid. Your trip to Spain is also incomplete if you don’t buy a sword from Toledo or a guitar to gift someone back home.

And then when you have finished all, it is time to start again at Puerta del Sol, Spain’s ‘kilometer zero’.

I am eagerly waiting to romance the history, geography and modernism of Spain. Thanks to SEPG Europe. ‘Hasta Pronto’ in Madrid.


16 responses to “Spain: A Traveler’s Odyssey to Discovery

  1. iBuen viaje! 🙂

  2. All the best for your travel to spain. Bring back goodiees and pictures.

  3. Dipto Basu Roy

    njoy ur stay in spain …it indeed is a very very beautiful country …one of the best that i have visited…take tons of pics …

  4. Bon voyage and best wishes!!

  5. A splendid write-up there, shows up all your excitement! Have a wonderful trip, enjoy every single moment to the fullest there, eagerly waiting to see the photographs and more stories from you, they will definitely serve a guide for the travel enthusiasts!! 🙂

  6. Brilliant portrayal. I could see Spain while reading. Informative and intriguing. I’ve been to Europe but not Spain, always wanted to visit Spain, but now I want more. Kudos !

  7. Wow, your enthusiasm is great ….Seems like this piece is written by some Spanish person, have a nice trip and keep us updated

  8. Shailendra Singh Bisht

    Dear Suyash, You enthusiasm shows in everything you do !! Your Spanish host would be proud of you. Enjoy and Share.

  9. Lines so clearly portraying your excitement about visiting a new place; thoughts wonderfully woven making your blog both informative and interesting to read…making the reader curious at the same time… it’s a wonderful blog,,, All the best for your presentation and have a nice trip…

  10. Excelénte!…. thanx for an insight into spain…. nw I am waiting for a detailed report on The Spain through your eyes….

    iam sure its going to be much much much detailed n better with pics ;).
    nw go CLICK CLICK CLICK… 🙂

  11. What a visual writing! Just so eager to see what you get to visit there and how the experience is…

    Have a blast! 🙂

  12. Saurabh Malhotra

    What a refreshing post!..You have inspired me to travel to Europe. I wish that you get more opportunities of these type and we get blessed by such blogs 😉

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  14. Hi Suyash, a very great article about i totally understand the home work that you have done and your passion to travel and see places is amazing! It was great meeting you and interacting with you during the trip. We had a great time together.

  15. Wow! Awesome post

  16. Hope you had a great time! 🙂

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