SEPG Europe 2012 Keynote Highlight: Mario Piattini

Managing Process Diversity and Training 

Mario Piattini, director, Information Systems and Technologies Institute, UCLM-Indra Joint Software Research and Development Center, delivered the day’s first keynote presentation.

“Software developers are charged with decreasing costs and improving delivery, productivity, quality, satisfaction, and ROI,” said Piattini. “And to do that, they must have passion for good processes.”¬†Piattini shared expert insights on the need for organizations to tailor software process models to fit the characteristics and needs of the organization and its customers. He used some words of wisdom from Watts Humphrey to make this case: Just as there are no two identical software projects, there are no two identical software processes in the world.

Using real-world examples related to global software development and software product assessment, Piattini illustrated that by combining product line approaches and mechanisms for process tailoring, organizations can better address the multiple contexts of use required to address today’s varied business landscape. He also talked about tool support for implementations.

He concluded by saying that it is very important to have a passion for process. But, as in life (and football), passion is not enough. To establish a sound commitment to software, we need to manage processes by playing the same game, just different variations of it. In doing so, we can offer a real global delivery model for process improvement.


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