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SEPG North America 2013, Coming to Pittsburgh in October

As the new host of the SEPG Conference Series, the CMMI Institute is pleased to announce that SEPG North America 2013 will be held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on October 1-2, 2013. As the host of the SEPG North America conference, the CMMI Institute is thrilled to welcome a worldwide community of professionals to its home city for two days of high-quality learning and networking. The conference will deliver high-value, practical information to end users and practitioners and will offer excellent opportunities to connect with others in the performance improvement community.

The CMMI Institute and the SEPG program committee are working quickly to be able to announce information on speakers, registration, and more.

Moving forward, please visit for all information related to SEPG conferences. 


SEPG Student Spotlight

Doctoral candidate Qi Li from the University of Southern California is presenting his research in the Exhibit Area during today’s afternoon break from 3:00 to 3:30 p.m. Visit him in person on Wednesday or watch a short video introduction.

Coming Up On Wednesday: Research Collaboration Meet and Greet With SEPG North America 2012 Co-Chair

Attention SEPG North America 2012 and local members of academia:

Join Dave Zubrow, Ph.D., chief scientist for the SEI’s Software Engineering Process Management (SEPM) Program, for an informal meet and greet session immediately after the conference concludes for the day on Wednesday, March 14.

SEPG North America 2012 conference attendees, as well as local academics and students, are encouraged to gather and discuss their research interest in process improvement and measurement, as well as to learn more about research collaboration opportunities within SEPM. Interested individuals should meet in the registration desk area on Wednesday at 5:15 p.m.

SEPG North America 2011 Conference Venues: On the Pulse of Sustainability

It’s no coincidence that the SEPG North America 2011 official conference color is green. Our official conference hotel and convention center make it easy to be green.

Built with sustainable products and systems, the Oregon Convention Center (OCC) and Travel Portland have collaborated to establish Portland as the leading destination for green meetings. The OCC was recently recertified with the LEED-EB Silver rating from the United States Green Building Council, making it the first convention center in the nation to achieve recertification at a higher rating.

The Oregon Convention Center manages an extensive material and waste recycling and recovery program that includes pre- and post-consumer organic waste, cardboard, newspaper, cans, plastics, glass bottles, wood pallets, cooking oil, and landscaping trimmings. During set-up and tear-down, SEPG North America 2011 exhibitors will find dedicated recycling containers for paper and cardboard materials. All public spaces, including the areas near Exhibit Hall E and the session rooms, have convenient, clearly marked recycling barrels for waste disposal.

As the first Green Seal Certified hotel in Oregon, the Doubletree Hotel Portland is known for being a pioneer in the travel industry. Some of its environmental accolades include diverting 68% of its overall waste stream from landfills; composting an average of 14-17 tons per month; reducing water use by 15%, and energy use by 32%; offsetting 25% of its annual electricity use by purchasing 900,000 kWh of renewable power; and purchasing 65% of its food products seasonally within a 500-mile region. Do your part by reusing towels and linens, eliminating the need for daily laundering.

We encourage you to be responsible environmental stewards and participate in the sustainable practices set forth by the OCC and the Doubletree Hotel Portland.

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SEPG North America 2011: A Program Preview

Are you considering attending SEPG North America 2011 (March 21-24, 2011 in Portland, Oregon) and wondering what you’ll gain from the conference? We can sum it up in four words: The Power of Process.

This year’s technical program will focus on leveraging the power of process improvement through a four-day conference that includes 13 tracks covering more than 100 presentations on a variety of topics.The topics address the interests of new professionals and seasoned practitioners alike who hold a variety of job functions.

While the full conference program will be posted in early January 2011, the newly launched Program page provides a preview of the daily conference activities and the topics that make up the robust technical program.

Be sure to check back in early January 2011 for the SEPG North America 2011 Program at a Glance. And don’t miss your chance to save up to $300 off regular conference registration rates. The super-early-bird registration deadline is this Friday, December 17 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Register today.

Register Today for SEPG Latin America 2010

On November 10-12, 2010, Intersoftware Corporation will serve as the local host for SEPG Latin America 2010 to be held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Medellin, Colombia . This conference is a must-attend event for individuals involved in systematic improvement of personnel, processes, and technologies in organizations where software is a key element in achieving business success.

Don’t miss this chance to network with and learn from your software process improvement colleagues from the Latin American market and from around the globe. To learn more about SEPG Latin America 2010, or to register, visit the official conference website.

SEPG Europe 2010: Thanks from Paul Nielsen

Putting together an international conference isn’t easy unless you have great support from the community. The SEI’s Paul Nielsen thanks the SEPG Europe 2010 co-organizers and sponsors and the SEI Europe sponsors.

New Ideas Emerging at SEPG Europe

Regardless of venue, country, time of year, or language, SEPG Europe continues to demonstrate itself as a valuable event for exchanging ideas and making  progress in the field of performance excellence.  It’s a clear indicator of the value of SEPG Europe that attendance at this year’s event both doubled from last year’s event and exceded all headcount-based logistics planned for the event.  This, despite the sputtering global economy, in particular Portugal’s current banking challenges.

Conference-related activities for SEPG Europe 2010 began with pre-conference activities and tutorials on Monday, official tutorials on Tuesday, then keynotes, mini-tutorials and sessions on Wednesday.  This entry comes on the morning of the last formal conference day, Thursday, after experiencing Wednesday’s keynotes, a full day of sessions and mini-tutorials, and the event’s gala dinner.

In particular, I want to focus on common threads heard throughout the week, what they mean to those of us in the field, and why it’s only at SEPG events where these ideas can reach critical mass.

The common threads

CMMI, appraisals, and the focus on “process” are, together, insufficient to meet the needs of today’s businesses and still relevant.

Insufficient because, alone, they can miss attributes important to business, and can inadvertently place too little emphasis on performance and results.  Still relevant because, without them there would be no robust, complete product set of performance improvement tools in the marketplace.

What these threads tie into is the experience that the market for performance excellence is ready for the “next evolution” of CMMI and SCAMPI and other process-oriented models and tools.  The market is ready for a way of looking at performance excellence that is appropriately applied in ultra-large systems as well as small and/or agile systems/organizations.   An approach that emphasises restuls rather than compliance, and an approach that looks at the entire business, including its market, culture, social economics, leadership, management, customers, relationships and other behavioral sciences.

By no means is this to imply that CMMI and SCAMPI are wrong.  They are widely acknowledged and credited as a necessary step in the evolutionary path of performance excellence thinking.  And, some flavor of CMMI and SCAMPI will most certainly persist as a necessary component of a broader focus on improvements.  All this is actually saying is that the market has absorbed the lessons of CMMI and SCAMPI and they’re ready for more.  They’re ready for what’s coming next, and they want to be part of shaping it.

A lot of the hallway conversations I’ve had have been about just this.  They’re about “what’s next?”   What’s after version 1.3?  It’s not clear what’s coming after v1.3, but what is clear is that whatever v.NEXT looks like, the ideas for what will be in it (by any name or version) will have roots at events like SEPG-Europe.

People here are clearly thinking ahead.  They’re thirsty for making progress.

What the common threads mean to those of us in the field

Those of us who provide consulting, instruction and appraisals in CMMI and SCAMPI wares, or who are internal to companies implementing improvements will be impacted by these threads in a number of ways.  Including, a potential wholesale change in what will be a “model” for improvement and its related appraisal approach.  Another impact would be the possibly broader reach of areas of improvement into aspects of business currently unfamiliar to organizations or professionsals in the field.

Furthermore, the business impact of the v.NEXT model could be a body of work that raises the stakes and the perview of where the model seeks to have an impact.  In other words, it could be a model that’s much more business-oriented and “systemic” than it currently and would require skills and aptitudes for implementation not demanded by the current frameworks.  It could become a model for which it’s not enough to be a model subject-matter expert, but also requires that users be equally versed in business as they are in performance improvement.

The core concepts in CMMI today are not likely to disappear, rather, they’re more likely to be absorbed into a more broadly-minded view of causing performance excellence.

Why SEPG events are where the critical mass is reached

Unlike any other type of events, at SEPG events there are presentations, discussions, new ideas and the direct interaction among users, practitioners, business leaders, government, academia, many industries, and the SEI.  Face-to-face, high-bandwidth communication and incidental interactions made possible by SEPG events are unlike any other events because SEPGs are focused exclusively on improvement.  It’s a conversation at a higher level.  The ideas for such a higher level of thinking in v.NEXT will be where the SEI gets its ideas.  These are the types of conversations taking place at SEPG Europe which is why I attend.  I attend so I can return to my office and my clients with new ideas and a glimpse of where things are going.

Until v.NEXT is reality, we can muse philosophically over what will be in it over glasses of the fine Porto port wines.

Hillel Glazer, Principal & CEO
Entinex, Inc.
Leaning, Aligning, and Delivering Value.(TM)

The #1 Reason to Attend SEPG Europe 2010: More Direct Interaction with Experts

SEPG Europe 2010 is the premier conference in Europe where you directly interact with the Software Engineering Institute as well as more experts in the software process community than anywhere else. SEPG Europe offers four days of rich learning and networking opportunities for both newcomers and returning delegates, all in the magnificent setting of Porto, Portugal. SEPG Europe offers a more intimate environment than other conferences, helping to facilitate high-quality engagements with the SEI and software process experts.

Your most enriching interactions may occur in the session rooms, or aboard a wooden boat … in the auditorium or as you’re sipping a glass of Port wine, the namesake drink of our host city. Regardless of where you connect with software process experts from around the globe, SEPG Europe 2010 promises to provide valuable and practical insights, ideas for solutions to implement once you return home, an expanded professional network – and maybe even a camera full of photos.

However, the interaction doesn’t stop once SEPG Europe 2010 has concluded. There are plenty of ways for you to stay connected with the software process community online. Besides reading this blog, be sure to join the SEPG Conferences LinkedIn group and follow us on Twitter. These official SEPG Conferences social media tools allow everyone to stay connected throughout the year. In fact, be sure to keep an eye on our blog for upcoming SEPG Asia-Pacific announcements.

We hope to see you at SEPG Europe 2010!

The #4 Reason to Attend SEPG Europe 2010: Professional Development Opportunities

In addition to the tutorials, technical program, and networking opportunities, SEPG Europe 2010 provides a mechanism for delegates to advance their careers across the process improvement landscape.

The Software Engineering Institute will be offering qualification examinations for SEI Certifications at SEPG Europe 2010. Schedule your exam at SEPG Europe and take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your career and stretch your conference dollars. Seats are limited, so sign up early!

Held on Monday, 28 June at the Sheraton Porto Hotel & Spa, SEPG Europe 2010 certification exams include:

  • SCAMPI LA Certification Exam
  • CMMI-SVC Certification Exam
  • CMMI Instructor Training Entry Exam
  • CMMI-ACQ Certification Exam
  • SCAMPI HM LA Entry Exam (registration for this exam requires prior approval)

To view the schedule for these exams, or to register, visit the Certification exams portal. There are a limited number of spots for each exam, so register today!

Picture Yourself in Porto: #8 Reason to Attend SEPG Europe 2010 in Porto, Portugal

Reason #8 Cutting-Edge Technical Program

Do you dare to be inspired?  If so, Porto is the place for you. SEPG Europe 2010 is poised to deliver a top-notch technical program that addresses the key challenges in industry today, providing you with valuable and practical insights, with a focus on achieving significant business results from process improvement. Sound intriguing?

The majority of SEPG attendees report that they attend the conference to learn about the newest ideas, innovative best practices, and quality tools and services that will enable them to achieve high-quality business performance.

Whether you have an interest in how CMMI for Services can improve your customers’ service experience, are curious as to how CMMI and Agile can combine to enhance performance, or have a need to learn how organizations can work successfully with multiple models, SEPG Europe 2010 will connect you with leading industry experts and researchers all within the magnificent setting of the Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto campus.

Want a Program Preview?

As you look forward to being engaged and inspired at SEPG Europe 2010, here is a sampling of topics that are part of our enriching conference program:

  • Views on aligning process improvement with business value
  • Case studies in successful process improvement
  • Aspects of process improvement in micro-, small-, and medium-size settings
  • Ways to use Agile and CMMI in combination
  • Arguments for process improvement in a down economy
  • Reasons why senior management should consider process improvement a top-priority
  • Factors to consider and advantages of combining models, frameworks, and standards
  • First steps in process improvement initiatives
  • Processes for collaboration that are multi-site and/or multi-organizational
  • Process considerations in service development and delivery
  • Benefits and challenges of attaining high maturity

For a preview of what’s to come on June 28-July 1 in Porto, Portugal, take a look at the conference’s program at-a-glance.

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Bill Smith of Leading Edge Process Consultants Overcomes His Fear of Grits

SEI Partner Bill Smith of Leading Edge Process Consultants overcomes his fear of the unknown and gives down-home authentic grits a try on the SEPG North America 2010 exhibitor floor. The results? We think Bill has a new best friend, namely the chef who made these here grits.

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Mike Campo of Raytheon sat down with us to discuss the business benefits of reaching CMMI maturity level 5.

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